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After solving the test


Thank you for taking the time to solve MATRIQ. Please send the following information to

  • First name, (middle name), last name, country
  • Age and gender
  • Solutions (typed in the body of the e-mail or attached in a .pdf, .doc or .txt file)
  • All prior I.Q. Scores (test name, I.Q. sd15)
  • Time devoted on the test
  • Verification of identity


Along with your answers, you are kindly asked to send a scanned image or photo of your ID Card / Passport / Driving License. Your full name, DOB and country should be clearly visible while the rest of the data can be masked. If you plan to pay via your personal and verified Paypal account, verification of identity can be skipped.

Attempts, certificate and payment

Two official attempts are allowed. I.Q. score will be reported in both.

You will receive total raw scores, and a certificate for each submission as soon as possible, normally within 24 hours.

Scoring costs €250,00.- for each attempt. Payments are handled via Paypal using the buttons below.

Please examine the news page before sending your solutions.